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Highlighting Text

Dear ReadAloud

I appreciate your great idea. I would like to suggest, an idea that can simplify, the task of highlighting and clicking the read-aloud button. There is a program that I use. It allows the user to either select a single line or a paragraph with the mouse pointer. It will highlight it and just read it out loud. It is too time and energy consuming the way your extension forces the user to highlight manually the desired text and click the read-aloud button every time. This task should be made much easier.


Mysticgenius, 26.04.2018, 22:47
Idea status: under consideration


Suraj, 29.06.2020, 04:12
Please please add these features to read aloud extension soon.
1. Highlighting the text on web as it reads
2. Read from the point of the page where i click.

I am a huge fan of the extension. I am too desperate to get the features on the extension. This extension helps me a lot by decreasing stress on my faulty eyes.

There was a voting on the extension suggestions page of the website , started long ago . These were the most demanded features. I have planed to buy the premium voice subscription of your extension when the features come.

Please inform me how long will it take. Thanks in advance. Waiting for the features.

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