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Save speech to AUDIO file, WAV or even MP3.

I agree, Your firefox extension is amazing.

It would be fantastic to be able to save/export output as an audio file. I think a MP3 may be a problematic, because of coding or something..., but WAV should be "easier"?
The Extension will be flawless if it did.
This isn't a big deal, but if it's easy, it might help.
Hope this is valuable to you as Read Aloud is fantastic and works simply and easily.

Cheers guys ;-)

Malacky , 06.10.2018, 15:08
Idea status: under consideration


Mark, 21.08.2019, 07:27
I am a disabled student in law school and your add-on has been extremely helpful. It really has changed school and learning for me. Many of the programs have robotic voices that are very poor. Your extension allows me to use the best voices and AI engines behind those voices. This is tremendously helpful.

I just wish I could convert text to audio file (mp3). That way I could listen away from my computer and be able to listen to certain sections on repeat to help with my memorization.

Thank you again for all your work! You're changing lives for the better!
ken107, 19.04.2020, 08:11
For this use case, please try https://ttstool.com and see if it serves your need.

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